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Arduino XBee Shield

arduino-xBee-shield- Arduino XBee Shield

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  • Compatible with all Arduinos including latest Arduino Due
  • Can be use as XBEE development board
  • Mounts directly onto your Arduinos
  • Selectable level Shifting (5V & 3V3)
  • 3.3V power regulation and level shifting on-board
  • 12x11 grid of 0.1" spaced prototyping holes
  • All XBEE pins are available at male Headers.
  • Reset button brought out
  • Power, DIN, DOUT, RSSI,Sleep and DIO5 indicator LEDs
Compatible with
  • Arduino Deumlanove/UNO
  • Arduino Due
  • Arduino MEGA
  • Leaf maple
  • ChipKit MAX32
  • ChipKit UNO32
  • FEZ Panda II
  • Freeduino
  • Simple Cortex
  • Seeeduino
  • Seeduino MEGA

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