Arduino Based Smart Fingerprint Authentication System

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Arduino Based Smart Fingerprint Authentication System

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Arduino Based Smart Fingerprint Authentication System

In this project,we have developed smart fingerprint authentication system usin arduino.In recent times ,security is most imfortant factor in everyday life.Arduino which is a microcontroller board has a place with at uber family. It is an open source straight forward instrument. It can detect, screen, store and control application.This task displays a keyless framework for locking and opening purposes utilizing a predefined PICTURE secret key and OTP. Unauthorized person access is ensured by sending OTP and PICTURE password to ADMIN to get OTP and PICTURE password where the person needs to contact the ADMIN to get OTP and PICTURE password. It is entered through the TFT touch display, which display all the UI messages and takes inputs from user. 

In our Fingerprint lock system there are three level of security where user can unlock the system using their fingerprint.This produce high security where any unauthorized person tries to unlock, alert message is sent to the admin in first attempt itself. The system process fingerprint authentication, OTP which means one time password, Image password.The OTP is sent as a message using GSM modem which is used the send message to the registered mobile number.If the entered password matches, door will be opened automatically otherwise a message showing incorrect password will be displayed on TFT display and a notification will be sent to the owner that the security was tried to be breached.This system also has an option to unlock the door through SMS in case of emergency by the ADMIN.

Hardware Tools:

  • Arduino Uno
  • GSM

Software Tools:

  • Arduino IDE

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