Arduino Based Drunken Driver Detection and Speed Monitoring System for Vehicles

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In this project, we are monitoring the driver and vehicle speed. If the driver drunk means vehicle will vehicle should not be started and location will send by GSM to the authorized person of system

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The paper presents a new approach to automobile safety and security to decrease the number of accidents caused due to drunken drivers. It has a smart electronic system that continuously monitors the alcohol content in the air surrounding by the body of the protagonist. The speed of the vehicle varies on the content of alcohol detected. The vehicle-based countermeasure system progressively monitors the speed locking system of the vehicle running from high (100kmph), medium (60-80kmph) and low (40kmph) which helps the driver to reach the destination safely. In extreme things, the system disables the vehicle by switch off the ignition. The Global Positioning System (GPS) captures the location and sends information to the authorities with the help of a Global System for Mobile (GSM) device with the onetime password.  Solely once the password is entered the vehicle will be restarted. Within the back end, all the riding circumstances, quantity of alcohol detected, vehicle speed and therefore the location is sent into net GSM automatically and accurately as shortly because the sign of alcohol detected for investigation purpose

Block Diagram

block diagram of Arduino Based Drunken Driver Detection and Speed Monitoring System for Vehicles

Hardware Tools

  • Arduino Uno
  • Sensor Modules
  • GSM Module
  • GPS Module
  • Driver Unit

Software Tools

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded-C

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