Applications of EEG

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Applications of EEG


EEG,provides a window into the functioning of the brain.The specific techniques used to monitor and record EEG vary depending on the goals and protocol in question. By observing behaviour and brain activity you can gain insight into how the two are correlated.This involves monitoring brain activity during well defined cognitive tasks as in cognitive neuroscience. , psychophysics, correlates brain activity with physical stimuli.

Quantitative EEG or qEEG is a term used to refer to the application of digital signal processing techniques to the study of electroenchepalogram. It typically involves many EEG electrodes, from 16 up to 256, and mathematical techniques such as Wavelet and Fourier Transform.

Researchers interested in understanding the source of EEG signals within the brain they may apply source separation techniques such as Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and source localisation techniques such as Tomography.


EEG plays a vital role in health and medical applications. The best known applications is in the detection of epileptic seizures and localisation of the seizure foci. Other well known application is the study of sleep disorders in humans. Both of these applications are traditionally found in clinical settings but technology such as Enobio makes it possible to record EEG at home.

Neurofeedback, or Neuromodulation as it is more commonly now called, allows patients to control their EEG to a certain extend through audio or visual feedback loops. Neurofeedbackhas been shown to be effective in the treatment of ADHD and as a meditation aid.

Recently, several research groups have been investigating the potential of EEG as a biomarker for neurodegenerative diseases. The use of EEG based neuromodulation for stroke rehabilitation, likely in conjunction with brain stimulation, has also been proposed.

Besides medical applications neurofeedback can alsohelp a healthy person to enhance the brain functions. Our Researchers indicated that cognitive performances ,for example cued recall performance, can be enhanced if a healthy person learns to increase special components of EEG signals with neurofeedback.

Now that EEG has been taken out of the lab,now used in wellness industry for Sleep quality monitoring. This is the first application of this kind but more will surely follow in the wake of the growing Quantified Self movement.

Human Computer Interaction

EEG provides a unique opportunity in terms of temporal resolution, wearability and cost compared to other neuroimaging techniques when it comes to potential HCI applications.

The field of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is largely based on EEG for these reasons. BCI systems employ various paradigms such as Motor Imagery, Steady State Visual Evoked Potentials and what’s known as P300 for control of computer software based on the real-time analysis of EEG signals. Other field known as Affective BCI, tries to infer something about the state (emotional for example) of a user based on their EEG. This information can provide useful information to a system on how the user is reacting in real-time. This may also prove useful for non-verbal communication when normal communication is impaired.

Some examples of Human computer Interaction Includes

Brain activated wheel chair




Market research

EEG are used for market research evaluating new ads or packaging by reading consumer brainwaves

The Mynd headset is primarily for market research. It is the product of Neurofocus, a Nielsen backed market research company that uses Mynd to provide ad and pack testing services for advertisers. Neurofocus may decide to sell the headsets later but for the moment, the company is satisfied to claim a competitive advantage for its market research testing services.


In order to play EEG-based games, the user needs EEG reading cap/electrodes and computer/playstation. The software design consists of two main parts, signal processsing algorithms and visualization/game.


Focus Pocus uses live brain electrical activity (i.e. EEG) from the NeuroSkyMindWave portable EEG device, with some games controlled directly by brain power and control.

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