An adaptive lighting system for a vehicle using Raspberry Pi

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An adaptive lighting system for a vehicle using Raspberry Pi

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Every system in our society is turning into autonomous, Even car is turned into autonomous, Among the autonomous car, by this simple Raspberry Pi project we are going to make one part like adaptive car lighting system based on the opposite vehicle light to turn to light of car into autonomous, by the camera interfaced in the car using Open CV technology in Raspberry Pi. So that car light brightness can be optimized based on the vehicle light in front of the car.


Block diagram of An adaptive lighting system for a vehicle using Raspberry Pi


In the above Block diagram USB camera is connected to the car system that is on Raspberry Pi, then as for the car Headlight we used light bulbs as the prototype of the headlight to the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi



Car is turned into autonomous which will follow the road and avoiding colliding with other cars using sensors, but in the Night-time car can be identified by only the light which is projected by other cars, so by identifying the light projected by the other cars, our lighting system can become adaptive to reduce the light brightness which causing the vision bleach occurs to the drivers who coming in front of us. And also to identify the cars at night time. So that this simple one of the concept will help the car to be autonomous at a certain part. The video already streamed through the camera, which gets processed to convert into the gray image and by finding the pixel count to recognize the light strength.



  • Raspberry Pi
  • Power Adapter
  • HDMI to VGA converter (optional, when connecting to Monitor)
  • Camera
  • Light (Prototype of car headlight)


  • SD Card Formatter
  • Win32 Disk Imager (or) Etcher



  • Rpi.GPIO as GPIO (To access GPIO Pins of Raspberry Pi)
  • Time library (For Delay functions)



This adaptive lighting system can also be done using Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), but at Nighttime while on travel, even our lights and street lights will make a change in LDR value, so that it will be little difficult to build adaptive lighting system on moving vehicle. So we used the camera for processing the light.

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