User Manual for GPRS

User Manual for GPRS

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1. Introduction

The General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a new non voice value added service that allows information to be sent and received across a mobile telephone network. It supplements today's Circuit Switched Data and Short Message Service. GPRS is NOT related to GPS (the Global Positioning System), a similar acronym that is often used in mobile contexts.

2. GPRS Basic Setup

  • GPRS settings from your network provider
    Before you can set up your device to access the GPRS network, contact your network Provide to obtain the GPRS service.
  • Modem installation and configuration
    You will need to set up the modem driver. Follow the steps in chapter 3.
    Note: Administrator rights for the operation system may be needed in order to install modem driver. Connect your local system administrator for advice.
  • Dial-Up network installation and configuration
    You will need to set up the Dial-Up network. Follow the steps in chapter 4

3. Setting up a Windows modem driver

Adding a new modem

If no standard 19200bps modem has been installed, add a new standard modem to the Modem section of the control panel.


a. Click Start -> Setting -> Control Panel -> Phone and Modem option


b. Select Modem tab and click add


c. Select the don’t detect my modem and click Next button.


d. Select the manufacturer (standard modem types) and also select model (standard 19200 bps modem) of your modem then click Next button.


e. Select the com port (COM1) and click Next.


f. Click Next to finish modem installation wizard.

4. Configuring the modem driver

a. Select modem tab and Choose the installed standard 19200bps modem, click “properties”, choose it 19200 ports


b. Select modem and choose it 19200 ports speed


c. Select the Advanced option to configure B “Extra setting” illustrated in the figures below. You can change the “cmnet” to your access point name (APN).
Example: at+cgdcont=1, "IP", ""

5. Setting up the Dial-Up network

Adding a new connection:

1. From the control panel select “Network Internet Connections” and select “create a new Connection” wizard.


2. Click the Next to continue wizard.


3. Select the connect to the internet and click Next.


4. Choose the set up my connection manually and click Next


5. Select “Connect Using Dialup Modem” and click “Next”.


6. Type the name you want to use for this connection (such as “AirtelGPRS”) and click “Next”.


7. Type the number of GPRS connection (not select “use dialing rules”) -> click “Next”.


8. Select the anyone’s use and Click the Next.


9. Ensure the “User Name” and “Password” is blank and clicks the Next.


10. Click to finish the new connection wizard.

6. Getting Started

1) Ensure the “User Name” and “Password” are blank, Choose “Networking” tab, only choose “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” -> click “Properties”, settings DNS -> click “OK” to finish the Configuration and click Dial button.


2) After finishing this step connecting GPRS window will popup


3) After this step (connecting GPRS) window will be closed automatically the GOOGLE main page will be opened.


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