Trimble GPS Monitor

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Introduction to Trimble GPS monitor

The new Trimble GPS Monitor (TGM) application is a tool that can replace many of the previous “Monitor” and “chat” programs used for Trimble Embedded and Resolution T products. The TGM has the features found in the older Trimble applications to configure a GPS receiver as Well as improvements in the user interface. It will work with the standard RS 232 serial interface As well as the USB version found in the later starter kits. Instructions for the USB interface are Included below. It has new features such as “Detect Receiver” that will test a GPS receiver port for protocol and baud rate if the user cannot remember, or has lost the settings.

Working procedure of Trimble GPS monitor

a) This is the Trimble GPS monitor icon if we double click the icon the main window will be opened


b) Connect the GPS receiver to the PC using the RS232 straight cable


c) click the initiliaze menu and select connect option.


d) Select the configure pull down from the main screen select the receiver configuration, from that select the port configuration parity, baud rate, stop bits required. And click Save configuration.


Select the Auto query from the configure


e) Select the configure pull down menu from the main window. Select the receiver configuration and the output tab, after selecting the required options from window click the save configuration

f) show the window and satellite data coverages appear with green mark and also display latitude and lontitude value .


g) Click a view option and select the raw data monitor window


h) To view the sent data as well as the received, select the Show Sent Data box.


i) click a view option and select the position map from window


g) view the map and location of the gps is mark in red colour.