Appendix I


Appendix A –Product Overview…

Main Board
  • ARM7 Tyro 2148 is the main board with most of the on-chip peripherals incorporated on a single slice.
  • User Selectable Jumpers JP7 – ADC0.1 (Temp Sensor) | JP5 – ADC0.2 | JP6 – ADC0.3
  • J9 – LED Selection | JP9 – For JTAG operations
  • Slide Switch SW7 – For Power Supply Selection ( EXT | USB)
  • On-Board Interrupt Study | On-Chip RTC Interface | ON-Chip DAC o/p

Content Details

  • Sample Codes of all Peripherals in \Example\Extra\.. folder
  • Experiments solved and provided in \Example\.. folder
  • Software (Evaluation | Non-Commercial Products)
  • SMPS Adaptor | USB for Power Supply
  • JTAG Debugger (Exclusive of the product Content)
  • Datasheets and Reference articles relevant to the product

Trouble Shooting

  • It is not advised to connect or disconnect any external devices which are not recommended by the product reference manual.
  • It is risky to connect power supply not preferred by the reference user manual
  • Disconnecting or Removing ICs on a Powered ON kit is void.
  • In case of any malfunction in the product, please let us know