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hello sir,plz tell me how intreface GLCD5110 with 8051 controller and its code? in this icd spi is inbuilt.

  1. glcd5110.pdf
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As we dont have this glcd hardware. we couldnt give complete solution but you might refer the below article.

The SPI DAC code will useful to develop the code for SPI GLCD because both interface you only going to write a device.

This function is more enough to send the bytes to GLCD "void SPI_out(unsigned char Data_val)". check the below pin configuration

sbit CS =P3^5; //chisp select port pin P3.5
sbit SCK=P3^6; //SCK Port pin P3.6
sbit SDI=P3^7; //SDI port pin P3.7

choose the appropriate port pins which you using and write init function and send the information to glcd.

Note: we have a solution for 128x64 GLCD interface with 8051 , you may this refer also check the below link

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thanks sir,i have one problem how to interface two sound ic i.e AP89341 with 8051 controller by using LM1877 amplifire?i m confusing in schematic diagram.

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You can connect two AP89341 IC and 8051 micro controller via parallel(S1 to S8) or serial SPI protocol (S1 to S3)and the output of two AP89341 (Cout) are connected to LM1877 dual power amplifier,its will amplify the two inputs (two AP89341 Cout) and get the output at speaker,which will be connect in output of LM1877.

If you have more confusion means, attach your schematic we will check and give any suggestion.