3D Printer Making with Arduino Mega

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These machines are used to convert the 3D designs that a person can do with the help of the computer into a real object. 

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The purpose of this application note is to explain and identify all of the components necessary to build a fully functioning 3D printer. The tutorial will explain how to create a 3D printer on itself at home. This will be a more general application note as there are many variations of 3D printers that can be made for a plethora of purposes. These machines are used to convert the 3D designs that a person can do with the help of the computer into a real object. To attain this, they use liquid plastic rather than the ink to which we are habituated, which after the impression solidifies and made the object. They are usually big machines that can cost approx five thousand dollars, but technological progress is making them available to the general public easily.


There are various ways to get it, but the most common is to disjoin the 3D model into a very thin layer that is printed one on top of the other, and after that fix them, we have a 3D object. To make it better sympathize, let’s check at one of the most used processes, stereolithography: the printer produces a thin layer of resin and “draws” a thin straight section of the product with a laser beam. That laser solidifies the pattern he drew and sticks it to the next layer of resin, and so the process is repeated layer by layer. At the end of all that resin comes forth the 3D object designed. This is not the only method and different materials like dust or metals can be used, or even liquid plastic material that solidifies when leaving the printer, but the concept of layers constantly implement. 3D Printing objects are commonly measured in centimeters (it is a small object). but some printers can reach up to several meters. It is also a slow process that needs solitaire: for a 100-gram object, something build complex objects may require several hours. Finally, mention that the materials they use in the 3D Printer are not cheap

Block Diagram

block diagram of 3D Printer Making with Arduino Mega

Hardware Tools

  • Arduino Mega
  • Stepper Motor
  • Stepper Motor Driver Board
  • Heated Nozzle

Software Tools

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded-C


I hope you are made this 3D Printer at your home easily. This printer is not giving you accurate precision like a standard company 3D Printer. But also not a bad precision by this 3D Printer.  If you are planning for your school or college projects than you definitely do this project. It will enhance your skills and mind.

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