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Embedded System Design and Internet of Things - 30 Days Masterclass Materials

What you will learn on this 30 Days Master class? | Application-based Learning
— FREE INTERNSHIP E- Certificate will be Provided—
At the end of 30 Days ,You can design your own simple embedded systems from scratch.

Embedded System Design -Week 1

✔️Day 1 -Introduction to Embedded System Design and Choosing the right processor – Click here to Download

✔️Day 2 -Introduction to ARM Cortex M4 and Blinking Led – Click here to download

✔️Day 3 – UART- Click here to download

✔️Day 4 -Bluetooth Home Automation using STM32F411

✔️Day 5 – Sending Data to cloud using STM32F411

8051-Week 2

✔️Day 6- 8051 Architecture-Keil

✔️Day 7 -Switch ,Relay,

✔️Day 8- UART,SPI

✔️Day 9- LCD,IIC

✔️Day 10- 8051 Mini Project-Bluetooth based Home automation(Project)

ARM7 -Week 3

✔️Day 11- ARM Architecture-Keil, LED Blinking

✔️Day 12- Switch ,Relay,

✔️Day 13- UART,SPI

✔️Day 14- LCD,IIC

✔️Day 15- ARM Mini Project -IoT based weather monitoirng system(Project)

CORTEX M4-Week 4

✔️DAY 16- CORTEXM4 LPC4088 Architecture-Keil, LED Blinking

✔️DAY 17- Switch ,Relay,



✔️DAY 20- Cortex -M4 – Temperature Monitroing using Zigbee and LORA (Project)

PIC -Week 5

✔️DAY 21- Introduction to PIC Architecture

✔️DAY 22- MPLABIDE and LED Blinking

✔️DAY 23- Switch ,Relay, PWM



NodeMCU/ESP8266 -Week 6

✔️DAY 26- Introduction to NODE MCU

✔️DAY 27- Led,switch,relay,UART

✔️DAY 28- Iot Temperature Data Logging (Project)

✔️DAY 29- Build Your Home Automation with ESP8266 and Control Devices from Anywhere in the World (Project)

✔️DAY 30- Conclusion and Wrap up-Graduation Day