3-D video based brain tumor detection


3-D video based brain tumor detection

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3-D video based brain tumor detection

In this project,is brain tumor detection using 3D video images.Nowadays brain tumor detection is one of the most detection method in medical field.The magnetic resonance (MR) analysis of brain tumors is widely used for diagnosis and examination of tumor subregions.Convolutional neural network trained on high-contrast images can transform the intensity distribution of brain lesions in its internal subregions. Specifically, a generative adversarial network (GAN) is extended to synthesize high-contrast images. A comparison of these synthetic images and real images of brain tumor tissue in MR scans showed significant segmentation improvement and decreased the number of real channels for segmentation. The synthetic images are used as a substitute for real channels and can bypass real modalities in the multimodal brain tumor segmentation framework. Segmentation results demonstrate that our proposed approach can efficiently segment the tumor areas. 

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